Born in Santo Domingo Bajo, Etla. In the mythical land of mezcal, full of vibrant traditions and vivid colors lies a community deep in the heart of Oaxaca.


Since childhood he was able to witness the unique culture that would eventually engulf him into their day to day. 

Inside that village;
That village in the valley.

 He was able to live with radiant colors which invaded his mind and look. 

This gravitated him towards a passion in the arts.

One day his father said,
"... art will not feed you son..."


Words of wisdom passed down from his father’s father

Over time,

he found himself in an alternate reality.

and the breath of art began to call him, and it was in that year of 1999 that he let himself be carried upon that breath;


Giving himself completely to the delicacy of the arts between shapes and colors.

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