We also offer two types of incredible experiences:

Tour 1, visit and tasting mezcal at artisanal factories


We’ll visit some artisanal mezcal distilleries, learn the basic history, gain knowledge about the majestic agave plants, view the process on how Mezcal is made, have a cultural experience to understand how "Capacha" was distilled as far back as 800 BC, analyze new smells, and of course taste.


To finish we will have a very traditional lunch in a picturesque market where we live with Zapotec communities. An experience worthy of a gastronomic television program.


Reservations on Sunday would allow for you to enjoy the famous Sunday market in Tlacolula.


Tour 2, tasting experience


Tasting experience, More than just a mezcal tasting, it is a master class of the highest level. The amount of knowledge you can learn both intellectually and sensorially makes for a great experience.


Organoleptic is a tour of a wide range of agaves, native yeasts, and mezcal teachers.


We will learn the basics, history and tasting of the agave-the Plant.


Gaining the true definition of mezcal by species, state of production, and processes each type by scent recognition/classification.